Advanced Islamic Education

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A high value is placed on education in both Islamic and Arab societies. A verse from the Quran goes “O God, make me more knowledgeable.” Muhammad once said, “he who leaves the home in search of knowledge is walking with God. One Hadith states: “Seek knowledge from the cradle to grave.” Spending on Islamic education in the Arab is higher than other countries in the developing world. Many Islamic countries offer four education systems: home study in arithmetic and the Learn Quran Online, study at a mosque or another building in arithmetic, Islam and the Holy Quran, study at mosque or another building in arithmetic, Islam , the Quran and additional subjects; and study at schools.

Traditional Islamic education involves religious study which embrace not only theology but also law and history, as well as the classical Arabic language; and study of logic and mathematics.
Lower education stresses memorizing the holy Quran, Arabic and arithmetics. But higher education is in the form of running discussion. The links between education advancing Muslim culture are very strong. Globally, information and communication technology has undoubtedly become a central drive for the evolution of modern society. The Muslim world, like the rest of the world participating in the evolution. Such changes in lifestyles bring raise a number of ethical issues.

Muslim learned how to use IT to obtain Islamic materials. Such material includes among other the translation of the Holy Quran, Tajweed, Hadith and Tafseer.

Why online Quran learning is beneficial these days?

Now, we are engaged with technology, so we can easily Learn Quran Online at our home place. Gaining knowledge much similar to the concept of AL-QALAM in the Holy Quran as Allah Almighty mentioned: “Proclaim! In the name of thy Lord, Who created, created man out of mere clot of congealed blood. Proclaim! And thy Lord the most Bountiful-He who taught the pan. Taught man that which he knew not”.

Courses of Learning Quran for Beginners:

Most of the new reverts and non-Arab Muslims do not know Arabic language and they need to learn the basics of Arabic. They should learn Arabic letters and diacritics as they are the key elements of learning Quran for beginners. Before starting to learn the Quran for beginners, learners should be able to Arabic words, short Arabic sentences and also understand them.
After learning the basics of Arabic language, learners can start learning Quran from beginners’ course (Noorani Qaida) or by learning to read short Surahs of the Quran word by word. The qualified Quran Teachers should help learners articulate the Quranic words correctly applying the rules of Tajweed. The Quran Tutors teaching in the courses of learning Quran for beginners should be well qualified and competent. They should help the learners practice reading the Quran word by word as much as they can.