Most of the Muslim have basic desire to learn Quran as beginner either for themselves or for their children. Learning Quran for beginners is the Creator’s mercy that was meant to heal the hearts of the truth seeker on earth. It is a divine light that was sent to illuminate the earth. It was drowning for ages in the darkness of ignorance, atheism and unfaithfulness. One of the famous truth seekers in the history of Islam is Salman al- Farisi.

Allah says in the Holy Quran that: “But We shall be sure to guide to Our ways those who strive hard for Our cause: God is with who is good.” The Quranic verses assert that those who strive sincerely for seeking the truth, Allah Almighty guide their hearts to Him and delight their hearts to Islam. Those new reverts start their journey with learning the Quran for beginners.

Learning Quran for Beginners


Different procedures of Quran Learning :

Learning Quran for beginners can be accomplished in different ways. Some faster and some taking more time. So how can one learn the Quran as a beginner? There are five ways to learn the Holy Quran.
1) Focus to Learn the Arabic alphabets and learn to read the Holy Quran.
2) Learn to understand the Holy Quran in your own language.
3) Learning Arabic to understand the Quran.
4) Learn and understand Quran Tafseer.
5) Learn Quran Tajweed.

So understanding the Holy Quran can be done at different levels. The question is why do you want to learn the Quran? What is your motivation for it? Answering this question will give you an answer as to which way
You need to focus on learning the Quran. It may be that you need to Learn Quran in more than one way as you already have some of the basics covered. Allah Almighty says that:
“Indeed, I have made the Quran easy for understanding and reflection, so is there anyone who will remember.”

Easy way of reading and learning Quran for Beginners:

The Holy Quran is very important in the life of every Muslim. It is for all human races instead of being for people of Arab society. People of existing time can get guidance and solutions to all their problems. The teachings of the Holy Quran tells us about the meaning of human life and the purpose of our creation. Before starting to Learning Quran for Beginners, learners should be able to Arabic words, short Arabic sentences and also understand them.

After learning the basics of Arabic language, learners can start learning Quran from beginners’ course (Noorani Qaida) or by learning to read short Surahs of the Quran word by word. The qualified tutors should help learners articulate the Quranic words correctly applying the rules of Tajweed.

The tutors teaching in the courses of learning Quran for beginners should be well qualified and competent. They should help the learners practice reading the Quran word by word as much as they can. In this way you can understand the meaning of every word. Basic vocabulary of Arabic is very important.