How Does Quran Reading Take Place?

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Quran Reading Course:

This course is intended to teach and improve the Quran reading capabilities of the students. With this course the students are able to recognize Arabic alphabets and then know how they are joined to give a proper sound. After the completion of this course, the students develop the skills of reading Quran on their own with minimal supervision.

Teaching Methodology:

   Following areas are covered in the course:

  • Students are taught the meanings of few Arabic words every day.
  • The students are taught meanings of the verses word by word.
  • The meanings of the verses are properly explained to the students.
  • After literal translation of the verses the students are explained the contextual meanings of the words and verses.
  • By the end the student is able to understand the meanings of the verses and know the situation in which the verses were revealed and what they imply.

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