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What is the meaning of Ijazah?

The linguistic meanings of ijazah (Arabic: الإِجازَة ‎) is “permission” “Authorization” or “License” and the technically it refers to “permission to narrate”. The purpose of Ijazah in Tajweed of Quran or Memorization is to establish the narration of the Holy Quran with the chain of transmission through which it has reached to the Ijazah holder.

An Ijazah certificate is used by a higher authority to certify that one has been authorized to transmit the Text of Quran to others to teach them and give them the Ijazah. This mostly implies that the student has gained this knowledge from the teacher word by word. This Ijazah can be possible online as well once you recite to a sheikh or a female teacher. For this, you can take an online Ijazah course with us.

Ijazah is the certification which is provided to Hafz-e-Quran by the Sheikh and the Certified Ijazah Quran Tutors. For this certification you have to recite the Quran in front of the Sheikh or Ijazah Certified Male or Female Teachers. You have to Recite the Quran with Tajweed by heart and should follow all the basic rules of reciting Quran.

How you can become Ijazah Certified?

We have the certified Ijazah Quran tutors who can teach you Quran according to the rules. You will learn Quran with the Tajweed and after the completion of that course InshAllah you will be the Ijazah Certified and able to teach the Quran to anyone in future.

You will Learn following below in this course:

In this program learners of an online ijazah course will get permission or ijazah from already certified Imam or scholar. You can earn the Ijazah certification by participating in the online Quran classes one on one and at the completion of the program, you will be rewarded with the certification. Following are few things consider:

  1. Basics of how to reciting or learn Quran
  2. Memorizing the whole Quran in your heart
  3. After this course you will gave free session with Ijazah certified teacher to see your current level of recitation
  4. The students will take trial classes to check their level or recitation and Tajweed.
  5. Male and female students can teach from male and female Tutors.
  6. Classes are online one has to be very honest while doing it.
online ijazah Course

Upon successful completion of the online ijazah course, you will have ijazah certificate.