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Islam is the peaceful religion and providing equal rights to everyone. But Questions arises who will tell us that rights of every one in our life. For example rights of parents, rights of relatives, rights of poor, rights of Women and many more. Quranic Tutors first time is offering Online Islamic Studies for Kids in which your kids will learn the each and every rights of humans which is mention in Quran.

Our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the best example of Husan-Akhlaq and every Muslim wants to spend his life like our beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). We will tell you in this course how our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) spend his whole life and what messages Allah has gave us through him.
As well as we will teach you about the other Prophets of Allah how they spend their life and what lesson Allah gave us through them.

In This Course you will learn:
• Basics Alphabets of Quran
• Rights of Muslim and Non-Muslims in Islam
• Rights of Women
• Rights of Animals in Islam
• How we can spend our life like how our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) spend.
• About the other Prophets of Islam
• Namaz and its procedure how we can perform Namaz
• 5 Pillars of Islam

We are providing certified Male and Female Teachers for kids and adults. Grab 3 days trial classes for your satisfaction. Register yourself or your kids with us to Learn Quran Online and Learn Islamic Studies Online.