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Online Read Quran With Tajweed

Quranic Tutors are providing Online Quran read with Tajweed teaching course in which kids and adults will learn how you can Read Quran with Tajweed by learning the basics Alphabets of Quran from beginning.
In this course you will learn the pronunciation of Arabic Words and the Rules of Raa, Rules of Laam and Noon Qutni. By this you can learn and recite the whole Quran.

Modules you will cover in this course:
• Basic Alphabets of Quran
• Harakat
• Huroof
• Tanween
• Rules of Raa
• Rules of Laam
• Noorani Qaida

Get Best Online Quran Teaching services from our certified Ijazah Quran tutors. We have both Male and Female certified Quran tutors to teach them. We are providing free 3 days trial for your satisfaction.