Quran’s memorization is one of the most honorable activities. When we hear or read about the achievements of people memorizing the Quran at all ages, we are encouraged and the task appears doable. Though the story becomes different when we actually think about it by looking at all 114 surahs and more than 6000 verses, the task appears as daunting as climbing Mount Everest. Is the Quran memorization difficult or easy? The truth is, that neither is it difficult nor is it easy. It is simply a task. To succeed at a task on hand, what we desperately need is the help of Allah (SWT), for without His help, indeed nothing is possible. As Allah (SWT) says:
“Indeed Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”

Quran Memorization Tips and Techniques:

Have you always dream of memorizing the Quran but never got down to turning your dreams into reality? Did you know that there are multiple methods to memorize the Quran, which when used properly, can help you memorize the glorious words of Allah?Different techniques are used to enhance memory and learning. The success of using multi-sensory techniques to enhance learning and memory in dyslexic children has since been applied across many disciplines of learning, especially in language learning and Quran memorization. One could not memorize the Quran by heart without the help of Allah Almighty.

Before memorization, be sincere and renew intention. When you plan, lose motivation, memorize, revise, lose motivation and believe in Allah. He can only help you to complete your mission to memorize his words.

To increase memorization power, some tips and techniques are mentioned below:

Quran MemorizationIntention:

The first important thing is you have to pay attention to your intention. Make sure that the intention you are making is only for the seek of Allah, to seek His Pleasure and Mercy. It is not to expose off in front of others that you have memorized the Quran a lot. You need to in reality agree with that Quran is the phrase of Allah and you try to memorize its miles nothing but an effort to be seeking for advantages of Allah Almighty. When you’ve got such sincere intentions, your coronary heart continues you motivated toward the efforts required for memorization of the Quran.

Adopt Positive Methods:

Don’t be in a hurry at the same time as the Quran memorizing begins with shorter Surahs. You must be constant in Quran memorization. Repeat a verse as typically as possible. Read aloud too. When you read a verse from the Quran, close it and recite it to see if you nonetheless remember. Recite your newly discovered verses in Salah; it’s far the quality change of revision. You ought to be regular with your technique and take new and revise the old lessons regularly. The more constant you’re the higher will you memorize and pass forward on your Quran training.


Timing is a very important factor when memorizing the Quran. Select a specific time of the day and allocate it for memorizing Quran. Figure out a time slot when you are most productive and attentive for memorizing Quran. The best suitable time for memorizing is the early morning after Fajr prayer. At that time a person’s mind and body are both fresh and receptive, and the mind stores the new information easily.


There is not any magic trick for memorization of the Quran, all you have to do to memorize it is keep on repeating your lesson, and when you circulate to the following lesson, memorize it in conjunction with the preceding lesson. Memorization of the Holy Quran needs practice. There is not any shortcut in memorization you need to work hard and hold on repeating your lessons each day.

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