Islam is religion revealed by Allah Almighty for all people, in all place, at all times. Islam is accessible to everybody and a particularly mindful of the importance of aspects, rights ,and responsibilities. The words of Holy Quran and the authentic traditions of Prophet Muhammad(SAW), may the mercy and blessings of Allah Almighty be upon him, contain the rights and responsibilities granted by Allah Almighty to mankind. It is necessary that parents teach their children during their early childhood years. This is the time when a kid look up to his parents, and they can easily guide him due to his full attachment to them. Also, this is the time when a kid memory is strong and his mind is pure. To Learn Quran for kidsĀ  is also the strong duty of every parents

How to deal with kid?

A kid is mentally prepared to receive and memorize whatever knowledge we taught him. As old saying states ā€œmemorizing while young is like carving into a rockā€.
That, which is carved into a rock cannot easily be removed; rather it remains as the years pass. We are not struggling as a Muslim can do, or as Muslims have done in the history of Islam. Life of human has totally changed now we are so much busy in our daily hectic routine. Even we do not even find enough time to admit negligence towards our religion. As a Muslim, we must devote ourselves to make easy learning of Quran for kids it is our basic purpose of Muslim. So, we should make it easy to learn Quran for kids.

Responsibility of Parents to Learn Quran for Kids:

If a man and a woman have both dedicated their lives to worship and please their Creator, then the rights of any children they may have are automatically granted. Worshiping Allah Almighty means obeying His Commands, including securing the rights of kid. Kids are naturally more influenced by their parents than anyone else. So it is the duty of the parents to take right decisions for them in early age. Islam also give us lesson to deal with their kids politely. Thatā€™s why parents have to maintain few things for their kids in order to make the learning of Holy Quran easy. We must teach our kids how to respect the Holy Quran.

We should teach our kids to love The Holy Quran and we want them to grow adults in such a way that they find The Holy Quran as a best friend. All Muslims are keen to learn Quran at very small age so that they may know how to learn Quran for kids. Caring and rising children in a proper manner and according to Islamic instructions is a duty on parents. In fact, Allah Almighty reminds us in Holy Quran that children may even be a great trail for their parents.

The victory and tribulation of life are a test and children are no exceptions. They can bring great joy and at the same time they can bring great sadness as well.